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OS12 is a highly regarded ethical independent creative studio, based in Leeds.

We work with a variety of clients across all sectors and projects of varying scales.

From brand identity, websites, print design, marketing to exhibition graphics and video production we offer our clients a personal and bespoke service.

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The process of dividing work into smaller elements is called a Work Breakdown Structure, and there is a particular skill in breaking down project tasks into these bite-sized chunks.

This skill does not necessarily come naturally to all. That is, you probably know instinctively that “Design the clients brochure” or “implement social media” is too big a task to enter into a tracking system; it has to be broken down into smaller components that we can identify, assign people to, and track progress on.

Once we have this list of tasks, we can then prioritise, as some tasks will depend upon the completion of other tasks, however certain tasks can run simultaneously, so we take an holistic approach over the whole project and define the required activity as efficiently and as productively as possible.

Creative research methods are often treated as though they are new, yet people have always used creative ways of solving problems. We say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and indeed all research methods were invented once.

Some other design agencies write of these methods as if they are static and fixed, but this is far from the case.

Creativity is closely linked with problem-solving and with uncertainty, both key elements of research. Any creative research process is made up of many decisions and each decision holds space for creativity. Perhaps more surprisingly, there is also evidence of a close relationship between ethical decision-making and creative thinking.

So all research is creative. Creativity in research can be stifled by regulations, constraints of time and budget. Some of these factors are easier to influence than others, and perhaps the easiest is the knowledge and expertise factor based on the previous experience of the designer. Whatever the project, research is key and is therefore an essential and chargeable part of the process.

An open mind is a valuable resource. When you’re interested in new possibilities, and able to think creatively, you’re more likely to stay energized in your role – and keep your team or client one step ahead of the competition.

Sometimes, the success of a creative project depends on more than just small tweaks or suggestions for new ways forward. It needs someone to come up with a big, radical, innovative idea.

We can all get stuck in certain “tracks” of thought. They may be so comfortable that we don’t even realise that they’re holding us back! So, to have fresh ideas, we need to break away from established patterns of thought and start to see new paths ahead. We seek ideas and inspiration from anything and anywhere, be that in the shower, down the pub, or sat at our desks pondering as if in a day-dream, but no… this can turn out to be creative gold. NEVER BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW EXPERIENCES.

We enjoy using the right side of our brains?

For the creative minded, creative and design jobs can be stimulating, fun and rewarding, whether that person is responsible for the visual style and images in print design, advertising, product packaging, website design or copy-writing.

After all we’ve spent years honing our design skills throughout our careers. Another reason certain people make good creators is that in our visually saturated world, designers are generally more able to filter the visual cacophony that we’re bombarded with every day and produce purposeful and effective solutions to our clients needs.

It’s hard to come up with new ideas and innovative designs if you don’t know how to tap into your creative resources. Having a visual eye is essential no matter what medium you work in.

  • Warm the pot
  • Use a china teapot – One bag per person and one for the pot (according to my Nan)
  • Add freshly boiled water
  • Stir – stirring the leaves or bags helps the tea to infuse 4 to 5 minutes is the time needed to mash
  • Milk first or last is an age-old question.
  • Each to their own. We don’t judge here.
  • And relax….


You could argue that failure can play a productive role in anyone’s creative knowledge construction process.

We sometimes think that our initial response and subsequent creative concept to fulfil a clients brief is done and dusted. But
NO! As designers, we need take a step back, look back at the brief, look at our creative execution, look back at the brief, ask for
peer review and critique, look back at the brief, look back at the brief, — you get the picture.
We need to take an objective stance with our creative output, put yourself in the shoes of the client and their audience, it isn’t a
vanity project or a portfolio piece for the designer, no – it’s a tool to do a designated job, pure and simple. It might be a case of
amending the piece, trying different typography, colours, images, headlines, code, persona etc. but one thing is sure, IT CAN BE
We never think first time lucky.

A great creative concept is one thing, but without the requisite elements that support that concept you don’t have a great deal. It is vital to utilise the best professionals for the task in hand.

We take the original idea and then we use a suite of cutting-edge software apps to realise the individual elements that comprise the overall project.

Whether it be online, print, video, advertising, brand development or indeed pretty much anything else, they need to be carefully crafted, skill-fully assembled and deployed correctly.

We pay great care and attention to ensure compatibility, regulatory compliance, social conscience, honesty and integrity so that we are confident that our assets will do the desired job and make a success of the project.

Launching something new – a website, a brochure, or a brand campaign – is an exciting yet delicate process. We’re eager to introduce our hard work to the world, but we’ve also got to get it right so your target audience remembers and engages with it.

Breaking through the noise has always been a challenge for marketers, whether it’s social media, advertising or websites, it’s not enough just to launch your ideas, forget about them and invoice the client, it has to hit the mark, and make a measured return on behalf of the clients investment in both us as suppliers bur mainly for their product or services.

Timing, meeting deadlines and ensuring that you have the required information to publish your ideas is key to making a successful launch or delivery. Preparation is absolutely vital to make sure everything goes to plan.

Marketing, design and promotion are all key business functions that requires good Key Performance Indicators to measure how successful it is. We find the most relevant and meaningful marketing KPI’s that really matter to our clients business.

When it comes to marketing metrics it’s never one size fits all. The right metrics depend on your marketing goals and your business model. And those goals are different for each business. So, how do we find the KPIs that really matter to measure our clients marketing performance?

Isn’t the goal of marketing to increase revenue? Ultimately, for commercial companies that might be the case, but there are many factors at play. For most businesses there are incremental steps that will help drive your organisation to achieve its goals. This might start with marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness alongside initiatives to increase new business sales conversions. Whatever the type of creative project launch we need to monitor response, success or not, so that we can refine and adapt the strategy in the future.

Based on results, we plan the next phase, review and repeat…


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